Something rotten in the state of… everywhere

AnonAnalytics logoI seem to have been reading a lot lately about how corrupt  Chinese companies which are listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange tend to be.  Short-sellers like Muddy Waters and AnonAnalytics have been exploiting this to point out the frauds and then cash in on the stock crash.  (Which has interesting moral and practical implications, but I’ll discuss that at a later date.) Continue reading

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Yet another book to add to the list

Book jacket for Keynes' General TheoryToday I did my bit for the economy.  I boosted aggregate demand.  Specifically, I bought a copy of John Maynard Keynes’ seminal work “The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money” at my local bookshop.

Of course, according to standard Keynesian doctrine, I’d have done as much for the economy if I’d bought Katie Price’s seminal work “Being Jordan” instead… Continue reading

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Deconstruction #1: Farmer’s Formulation

Document Properties clipart - courtesy of the Tango Project“The environment I have described is one that will be familiar to most readers of this article.”
— R. Farmer, 2009

“Yeah, right.
— Oxymandias, 2012

As I’ve said previously, a big goal of this blog is to let me think out loud about macroeconomics.  I have minimal economic training, though, so finding a place to start can be a bit tricky… Continue reading

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Right on, bro

I stumbled across Noah Smith’s blog Noahpinion a while back, and it’s been on my list of “archive binges waiting to happen” ever since.  After his latest post, I might have to bump it up the list… Continue reading

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The Euro crisis in one table?

In the short term, the Euro crisis is about the ability to roll over debt.  As with a commercial business, it’s the cashflow that kills you.

In the long term, a lot of commentators think the root cause is long-term flows of capital from the southern European countries to the northern ones.  I can’t comment on whether that view is correct, but this table makes it really obvious why people hold that view. Continue reading

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No rest for the wicked

OK, so I can’t find the paper I was going to comment on this week, and work has suddenly been turned up to eleven.  Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit stalling

In lieu of any actual content, here’s a list of things that I will be talking about, once I magically find the time.  Suggestions for other topics are welcome. Continue reading

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The big picture

[This post is certified 100% fact-free.  It contains only the purest speculation and gobbledygook.  Proceed at your own peril.]

There are many different conceptions of what economics is.  To my mind, economics is about three things: incentive, infrastructure and influence. Continue reading

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